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This Weeks Podcast 26.7.13

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On this episode of Cult Friction; We’ll be assessing the fallout from San Diego Comic Con 2013, looking at the new Superman v Batman crossover, the new Godzilla, new Avengers film as well as Family Guy/Simpsons team up, Danger 5 from Australia and a look into the world of tomorrow through the eyes of Sci Fi!

Lets party like its 2299! Star Trek (2009) Dir JJ Abrams

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I’m not sure if i’ve been swept away in the hype about this film. I’ve been waiting quite a long time for this to come around and as a Star Trek fan I feel that my excitement would cloud my critical analysis. However after leaving the screening I felt that I was satisfied as a movie goer and as a self professed Trekkie.

My one criticism of the entire Star Trek franchise is that it has always taken itself far too seriously. When a non fan would sit with me watching the show they would laugh at the silly alien makeup or turn their eyes up at the overcomplicated plots filled to the brim with baffling scientific jargon. The last time Star Trek planned a comeback was thirty years ago with The Motion Picture, riding on the back of success of Star Wars, had television actors in a rigid plot that did nothing but further the series from the fun of space travel. Only a few of the Trek movies from days gone by have tried to bridge the gap between the die hards and the rest of the public, most notably Star Trek IV The Voyage Home (the one with the whales) which fell short of farce. I feel that now the wait is over. The trick that JJ Abrams had to pull off was to make a Sci Fi Blockbuster without dumbing down the content for the regular Trek fan and now after the flop that was Nemesis and the disastrous Enterprise he has found the right combination. To put it lightly, Trek has gained some serious chutzpah. 

Where to begin? Visually the film is bursting with rich visual details. This is the Star Trek any discerning fan has always dreamed about seeing in a Star Trek film, exploding hulls with crew members being sucked out into space, planetary destruction that makes Alderann look like a party popper, even the nods to the original sound effects mixed in with iMac chic. The future has never looked so good. The costumes are wonderfully recreated for the big screen. In reshaping the Enterprise, the production designers have kept to the original essence of the kitsch 60’s feeling, something that should have been done in the Enterprise TV series.

One of the main tasks that the actors had to face was to portray characters that are much loved and known without turning them into over camped parodies of the originals. Chris Pine does a great job as the womanising rebellious Kirk. Whilst embodying the old Shatneresque traits of over cockiness yet Pine keeps it at a James Dean level rather than hamming up his performance. Qunito does an excellent job, playing more to Spock’s human side more than Nimoy ever did. This film recognises more than ever the internal conflict that is raging within Spock’s character. My highest praise however has to go to Karl Urban who portrays the old country doctor “Bones” McCoy. Urban doesn’t mimic the original Deforest Kelly performance yet he embodies the original essence of Doctor McCoy that we all know and love. It’s quite spooky at times. Sulu, Uhura, Scotty are all given new leases of life with their new actors. Be warned though, Chekov got a little too “Jar Jar” for me at times, almost becoming a shadow of Wesley Crusher, a Star Trek memory most of us would like to have placed in a photon tube and shot into space.

The music is scored by Michael Giacchino and surprisingly uses very little of the themes used in the previous incarnations of Trek. The opening blast of horns heralds the start of a new era for the series; only at the end are we given a sumptuous rendition of the Alexander Courage theme.

One of the great “Deus Ex Machina’s” within any Star Trek plot is the ability to use Time Travel to sort everything out and fix everything at the end of the day. Here the entire reboot of Star Trek uses temporal bending of the space time continuum to completely wipe the slate clean on the entire trek universe. It makes me wonder if in twenty years time they’ll reboot the Next Generation and DS9. Never the less given Paramount’s commitment to a sequel, we are assured that there will be further adventures with the USS Enterprise.

Though I know as I type many fans across the world will have differing opinions. All I can say is this. To those who dislike it, Star Trek will never die because of this film. The previous incarnations will be there on DVD forever and you can watch them again and again. Those memories will never fade. To those who did, well I can say that we needed a fresh pair of hands to really show the world how fun Star Trek is. You never know, it may become cool! This summer, I’m pretty sure it will.

Cult Friction – Star Trek Special

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Hailing frequencies open captain,

Well set my phaser to stun! Yes it has been a long time coming and I guess now would be the perfect time for Cult Friction to do a STAR TREK Special.

Why wait till now I hear you ask? Well it just so happens that Cult Friction will be bringing you an EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW of the franchise reboot. In fact we’ll be posting the verdict of the movie on the blog on Tuesday night so check out

Also on the programme, coverage of the LONDON SCI FI FESTIVAL ( – CF caught up with some of the UK’s top sci fi writers and comic book artists including:

Bryan Talbot – creator of The Adventures of Luther Arkwright and its recent sequel Heart of Empire.

China Mieville – Award-winning English fantastic fiction writer.

Oisin McGann – Irish Writer and Illustrator.

Pat Cadigan – American-born science fiction author, whose work is described as part of the cyberpunk movement.

Paul J. McAuley – British award-winning author, and self-described science junkie.

SPECIAL FEATURE on STAR TREK – We discuss all matters Trek including why you shouldn’t wear a red shirt, daily Klingon language tips and of course the biggest debate of them all; Who is better? Kirk or Picard. We’ll settle it! (Unlikely as it may seem)

And of course NERD NEWS – We give you tips on how to deal with ZOMBIE PIGS once the Swine Flu mutates! Fingers crossed.

As always theres the all mighty blog ( and the twitter feed ( which now has over 200 followers and climbing by a rate of three or four a day.

Once again big thank you to all who voted for us. If you havn’t had a chance to listen in yet then tune in here @ to find out why we are nominated for Best Wired Show of 2008/09.

Ka Plah (Success)

The Cult Friction Team.

PS, Our George met George Lucas and saw the Star Wars Musical Journey but we are going to devote a whole show to that next week!

Cult Friction – Boldly Going

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Dear wonderful and loyal Cult Friction listeners, After a much deserved break from broadcasting it is my delight to tell you that we have been nominated for Best Wired Show of 2008/09. Much love and thanks for all who voted for us. Rest assured we at Cult Friction have endeavoured to make the next few weeks of broadcasting even better with more nerdy features and reviews than you can shake a lightsaber at. So here’s a teaser of whats ahead on Cult Friction,

EXCLUSIVE REVIEW of STAR TREK – The long awaited JJ Abrams reboot of the seminal Sci Fi Franchise.

COVERAGE of the LONDON SCI FI FILM FESTIVAL – A look at the UK’s only film festival dedicated to the genre.

From one George to another; CF’s George Baker spent her break backstage at STAR WARS: THE MUSICAL JOURNEY and how she met the man behind the myth, the one the only GEORGE LUCAS!!!

BE KIND, REWIND – We chat to VIDEOPIA, a group of London Students who perform their favourite blockbusters in front of big crowds with little budgets. CF will also be attempting to swede The Omen.

BEHIND THE SCENES of the LONDON BURLESQUE FESTIVAL – Cult Friction gets all hot under the collar as we take a peek at one of the sexiest nights in town.

Belly laughs a plenty as we head down to the 3rd BRIGHTON FRINGE FESTIVAL.

Tech Talk as we talk to some of the UK’s top web experts at the INTERNET WORLD EXPO.

We chat to MODEL RAILWAY enthusiasts about what makes their hobby so special.

And lots more NERD NEWS PREVIEWS and REVIEWS of the best upcoming movies and TV shows and lots of fun loving antics from the CF Team! Cult Friction is returning at the new time of 3pm on Thursdays only on

Keep up to date with all whats happening on the interweb at our spiffing blog

And keep abreast with the likes of Stephen Fry and Barack Obama by getting on the Twitter bandwagon here at

In addition to that Cult Friction will be expanding beyond the realms of the audio/cyber space and shall be performing a weekly DJ set at the NEW CROSS INN every THURSDAY from around 10ish so do pop along for that!

Thanks again for tuning in week in week out. Well be back next Thursday so untill then keep watching the skys!

By the power of Greyskull, Cult Friction 28.04.09

Ruari and Mark go to the (toy) fair!

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Hail all you nerds, geeks, dweebs, poindexters, and all other assorted types of this great underground culture we have going right here. As far as greetings go I think that was fairly comprehensive and long winded, for those who don’t know who I am i thought I’d hijack the first bit of this post for a brief introduction. My name is Ruari (Rory) and I’m Marks pundit/co-host/sexpig on the Cult Friction show, and now apparently co-blogger for it and all (if you are a regular listener, I’m the funny one).

*an aside I was going to make some sort of “yeah, funny looking” joke there, but this is radio so I don’t think it works.


This weekend saw the 59th London Toy Fair, strictly for toy industry types and authenticated press types, so naturally your two cocky sonsofbitches radio reporters were there to lie steal and cheat our way in.

Which we did.

Well OK they were kinda lax, and we sorta just looked like poor, sodden newsroom interns (I even had a hat) but we got our flashy press badges and sauntered on in, here’s some of my favourite bits…

Lego Stand

HOLY CRAP I LOVE LEGO!!! This stuff was quite literally the building blocks of most of my life (predictable joke) and to be honest i never really stopped playing with having merged all my friends collections together about 2 years ago in order to build a GIANT tower. Now obviously the highlight of the Lego stand was the giant Lego dudes.

Definition of futility, trying to interview plastic bricks, Mark, you have failed me for the last time!

As suspected the star wars franchise was there in force (predictable joke), and most of the attention was to the prequels (barf) however there was a showing from some more classical types…

Can you tell which Dr Jones is made of Lego? 


Ahh Indy my good chum, how nice, you realise we are hat buddies right? Unlike the star wars aspects most of the Indiana Jones was from the pre shark-jumping, fridge-nuking, Jar-Jar era and I was sorely tempter to nick the little short-round figure who as well as being ever so slightly racist was also VERY small, wish they had a melting Nazi face figure…

I suppose Lego is just made of plastic…

Wow, theres like a hundred of these.
I really really hope rule 34 doesn’t apply here

Nerdy Collectors Stuff

No toy fair would be complete (like I’ve been to loads) without a keep-it-in-the-box collector item stall and this one was no disappointment

It might look cute, but Mark actually has an STD,
that’s a really hairy growth.

Tribbles, wow, I never, ever thought I’d see these as a toy. Mainly because they can be faithfully recreated by a furry pillow or practically any small dead animal. Though these ones did have the distinction of making two sets of noises the normal purr and a high pitched scream that indicated an nearby Klingon (who have apparently used specially trained warrior squads to eradicate the great cuddly menace!). But to be honest even the Tribbles couldn’t hold a candle to the…

Side Note: it never gets old calling Mark “Marky McFly

Wow a flux capacitor, that’s sweet. Admittedly it didn’t do much bar light up and occasionally enable us to transverse time and space, but still. I’d love to have one of them in my cupboard to confuse the meter-readers.

They also had a life sized star trek captains chair advertised, but I didn’t get a picture of that so I’m not telling you about it. Myeh.

The Shootpad

Ok this thing was totally really good (I’m sick of typing sweet, seriously must have used that word like 30 times and this was the best my thesaurus had except for sugary or candy, now i feel hungry).

Basically its a dance mat for football games depending where and how hard (it has Wii-style sensors to track how far back and fast your foot is) you kick the ball, you pass, shoot, tackle, hack, dive, argue with referee, swear at crowd, snort coke and start a riot.

Ok I might of added my own there but still I had a brief go on this thing and despite not being able to move (ironically the actual D-pad was borked) I loved it. the feeling of being able to control your power with actually kicks is immensely satisfying and pretty much eliminates hilariously short long passes. It also has some of the pseudo-fitness aspect that allows Nintendo’s little white box to appeal to that all important non-gamer demographic. Having just sounded like a PR rep I’ll just let you have a gander for yourself.

Ok so it has a few niggles, the two swaggeringly annoying jockesque personifications of dickweedery in the advert aside. The previously mentioned lack of being able to move, sort of turned the game into a weirdly stereotyped idea of the American perception of “soccer” and when we got there it looked as if someone had given on of the pads one too many match-winning strikes and broke the ball. But overall the sheer “I’m a total football legend” feeling it gives you added with its ability to work with any footie game out there makes it a great addition to your console.

So there we are, my top three rides at there fair, we’ll be discussing all of these and many more on Thursday at 6, tune into to our sultry tones at