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Cult Friction – Mad, Mad World – 28.5.09

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Dear Loyal Cult Friction-ites,

What a show we have in store for you guys! For this week and this week only Cult Friction will be beaming onto your computers for a two hour long special limited edition box set programme the likes ye have never seen. Last weekend saw the 2009 London MCM Expo, one of the largest Movie, Comics and Manga conventions in Europe and Cult Friction had backstage acess to all the events.

Cult Friction, as always, brings you the exclusive interviews and this week we are proud to bring you….

LINDA HAMILTON – aka Sarah Connor from the legendary Terminator series!

JAMES DUVAL – aka Frank the Bunny from Donnie Darko.

 Also on the show, we talk with some of the UK’s top COMIC BOOK writers, animators and inkers about their work and state of the industry today. More details to follow!

And we hang out with the wicked and the weird as we explore the COSPLAY phenomenon and how this mad Japanese craze is just getting bigger and bigger.

PREVIEW/REVIEW – George Baker tells us all about STAR WARS The Musical Journey at the O2 and how she met the master of the force himself, Mr George Lucas!

And we bring you the latest in developments in science, technobabble and groovy entertainment as always with NERD NEWS!

CULT FRICTION is at the one and only time of 2pm and runs for an epic 2 hour show. Click on the Listen Now link on to tune in. As always you can follow our wonderful blog here at and on twitter

See you this Thursday then,

Lots of hugs!

The Award Winning Cult Friction Team.

Cult Friction versus The Army of Darkness 21.5.09

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Thanks to all of you guys we are now officially the Wired Programme of the Year 2008/09! Haven’t had the chance to find out why yet? Then tune in this Thursday for more reviews, previews and nerd talk brought to you by George, Mark, Paul, Ruari and Tom!*

THIS WEEK We take an exclusive first look at DRAG ME TO HELL, the new horror extravaganza directed by Dawn of the Dead and Spiderman master Sam Raimi. Starring Alison Lohman and Justin Long this is Raimi’s first horror film in a super long time so fingers crossed!

EUROVISION!!! Nobody really cares about it due to its camp, kitch and OTT tackyness but in reality we all kinda want our nation to get the douze points so we take a look at the best and the worst (mostly the worst ‘cus its more fun) that the Eurovision has ever had to offer!

And speaking of Eurovision, did you enjoy Dita Von Tease? If tassles and lingure tickle your fancy then our look back at the LONDON BURLESQUE FESTIVAL should get you all hot under the collar in this weeks feature.

PLUS; I WANT ONE OF THOSE!!! From hoverboards to cars with ejector seats, we discuss the Top 10 Movie Gadgets of all time!

And as always NERD NEWS – Stuff that matters for the discerning geek on the move!

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So remember tune in at at 3PM GMT this THURSDAY the 21ST for CULT FRICTION!! TELL YOUR FRIENDS!! Wooo Hoo!!

Gimme some sugar baby!

The Cult Friction Team

Videopia – It’s “Sweding” Jim, but not as we know it.

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Have you ever seen Be Kind Rewind? If the answer is yes then you must have thought it was pretty cool making all those low budget versions of big blockbuster movies. Videopia is the only club that lets you do just that and all in one night out.

Started by Harry Knowles at the Notting Hill Arts Club, Videopia allows you to star in your favourite film, complete with costume, props and special effects, albiet very limited ones. So far the team have successfully “sweded” such cult classics as Back to the Future, E.T. and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. This month is was Ghostbusters and Cult Friction even took part in a few scenes. The nights popularity lies in its interacticity. Anyone can have a go if they want and the crowd love to see some of the more elaborate special effects scenes recreated in front of them. Whats more, if you and your friends have attempted a remake of a film then Videopia will be happy to screen it in front of a loving crowd.

Videopia is a sure fire hit and plans to continue over the summer with plans to film The Wizard of Oz and Jaws in the next few months. For more information on Videopia and to see some of their previous projects click here

Cult Friction – Wired Radio Programme of the Year 2008/09

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Cult Friction has been awarded the Wired Radio Programme of the Year 2008/09 at the Goldsmiths Student Awards Night, 14th of May. From all of us on the Cult Friction team we would like to say a big thank you to all who voted for us. Turn on, Tune in, Geek Out!


From L to R – Tom Wheeler, Mark Hughes, George Baker and Ruari Arnold. Not pictured Paul Atkinson.

Here’s what some lovely people had to say about Cult Friction!

“Amazing Show, Very professional with fantastic guests and a great blog to boot.”

“Mark and his team are undeniably professional. Mark and the gang go out of their way to go to press screenings and award shows as well as producing interesting documentary features. They are so much more than a group of people talking on the radio. They use their experiences and inputs to review different DVDs, films and games. Long live Geeks and Nerds!”

“Becasue not only are the topics well researched by the witty presenters who bounce off each other nicely; its the only radio show that meets my audio needs entirely. CULT FRICTION RULES!”

“Nerd-tastic Show!”

“A radio show that represents a section of Goldsmiths rarley seen. Excellent coverage of presigious events such as the BAFTA Video Game Awards and the Royal Television Society Awards.”

“Purley because there is a perfect balance of personalities on the show who work well together. The content is interesting and well researched. Ace!”

“Amazing celebs and interviews. All round slickest show on Wired!” 

Cult Friction – Be Kind Rewind 14.5.09

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TUNE IN @ at 3pm THURSDAY 14th MAY 2009

Who you gonna call?*

CF is back for yet another week of fun and mayhem and this week we have a special treat in store!

Yes Cult Friction attended VIDEOPIA on Tuesday night at the Notting Hill Arts Club. What’s Videopia I hear you ask? Well ever see that film Be Kind Rewind? No? Well did you ever see the trailer? Aye, well its like that but they do it LIVE! This month the 1984 classic GHOSTBUSTERS was ‘sweded’ live before our very eyes and we even took part in it. 

Also on Cult Friction this week ….

We PREVIEW the NEW TERMINATOR FILM. This is the one where Chritian Bale went mad on set so if he cares about it so much then it must be good. Right? We hope so too!

And in keeping with the theme of dodgy special effects Cult Friction counts down the TOP 10 BEST SPECIAL EFFECTS MOMENTS IN THE HISTORY OF CINEMA EVER. We stir up debate as we define those things that made you spill your popcorn so as always you can send us any suggestions to our handy board here.

And as always NERD NEWS, all the news that means so little to so many.

Cross your fingers for us on Thursday night as we head to the Goldsmiths Student Awards event and hopefully pick up the prize for best show of the year. Thanks a million for all who voted for us to get on the shortlist. Very cool indeed.

And if thats not all you can catch Cult Friction spinning the decks at the NEW CROSS INN afterwards till 2am with some choice tunes. Phew thats going to be a busy night.

So as always you can check out all the latest features on the all mighty Blog here at

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Send all complaints and comments to

Look forward to seeing you! 

Hasta La Vista Baby!

Cult Friction Team

*Answer to this question is Ghostbusters. Duh!

Cult Friction at the Sci-Fi London 2009 Literature Lab

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LONDON SCI FI FESTIVAL ( CF caught up with some of the UKs top sci fi writers and comic book artists including:

China Mieville – Award-winning English fantastic fiction writer.

Bryan Talbot – Creator of The Adventures of Luther Arkwright and its recent sequel Heart of Empire.

Pat Cadigan – American-born science fiction author, whose work is described as part of the cyberpunk movement.

Paul J. McAuley – British award-winning author, and self-described science junkie.

Oisin McGann – Irish Writer and Illustrator.

For more information check out or click on any of the books below for the official sites of the author.China Mieville – Award-winning English fantastic fiction writer.


0230015867.02.LZZZZZZZ  grandvillen10773The Quiet Warscattered-silence

Lets party like its 2299! Star Trek (2009) Dir JJ Abrams

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I’m not sure if i’ve been swept away in the hype about this film. I’ve been waiting quite a long time for this to come around and as a Star Trek fan I feel that my excitement would cloud my critical analysis. However after leaving the screening I felt that I was satisfied as a movie goer and as a self professed Trekkie.

My one criticism of the entire Star Trek franchise is that it has always taken itself far too seriously. When a non fan would sit with me watching the show they would laugh at the silly alien makeup or turn their eyes up at the overcomplicated plots filled to the brim with baffling scientific jargon. The last time Star Trek planned a comeback was thirty years ago with The Motion Picture, riding on the back of success of Star Wars, had television actors in a rigid plot that did nothing but further the series from the fun of space travel. Only a few of the Trek movies from days gone by have tried to bridge the gap between the die hards and the rest of the public, most notably Star Trek IV The Voyage Home (the one with the whales) which fell short of farce. I feel that now the wait is over. The trick that JJ Abrams had to pull off was to make a Sci Fi Blockbuster without dumbing down the content for the regular Trek fan and now after the flop that was Nemesis and the disastrous Enterprise he has found the right combination. To put it lightly, Trek has gained some serious chutzpah. 

Where to begin? Visually the film is bursting with rich visual details. This is the Star Trek any discerning fan has always dreamed about seeing in a Star Trek film, exploding hulls with crew members being sucked out into space, planetary destruction that makes Alderann look like a party popper, even the nods to the original sound effects mixed in with iMac chic. The future has never looked so good. The costumes are wonderfully recreated for the big screen. In reshaping the Enterprise, the production designers have kept to the original essence of the kitsch 60’s feeling, something that should have been done in the Enterprise TV series.

One of the main tasks that the actors had to face was to portray characters that are much loved and known without turning them into over camped parodies of the originals. Chris Pine does a great job as the womanising rebellious Kirk. Whilst embodying the old Shatneresque traits of over cockiness yet Pine keeps it at a James Dean level rather than hamming up his performance. Qunito does an excellent job, playing more to Spock’s human side more than Nimoy ever did. This film recognises more than ever the internal conflict that is raging within Spock’s character. My highest praise however has to go to Karl Urban who portrays the old country doctor “Bones” McCoy. Urban doesn’t mimic the original Deforest Kelly performance yet he embodies the original essence of Doctor McCoy that we all know and love. It’s quite spooky at times. Sulu, Uhura, Scotty are all given new leases of life with their new actors. Be warned though, Chekov got a little too “Jar Jar” for me at times, almost becoming a shadow of Wesley Crusher, a Star Trek memory most of us would like to have placed in a photon tube and shot into space.

The music is scored by Michael Giacchino and surprisingly uses very little of the themes used in the previous incarnations of Trek. The opening blast of horns heralds the start of a new era for the series; only at the end are we given a sumptuous rendition of the Alexander Courage theme.

One of the great “Deus Ex Machina’s” within any Star Trek plot is the ability to use Time Travel to sort everything out and fix everything at the end of the day. Here the entire reboot of Star Trek uses temporal bending of the space time continuum to completely wipe the slate clean on the entire trek universe. It makes me wonder if in twenty years time they’ll reboot the Next Generation and DS9. Never the less given Paramount’s commitment to a sequel, we are assured that there will be further adventures with the USS Enterprise.

Though I know as I type many fans across the world will have differing opinions. All I can say is this. To those who dislike it, Star Trek will never die because of this film. The previous incarnations will be there on DVD forever and you can watch them again and again. Those memories will never fade. To those who did, well I can say that we needed a fresh pair of hands to really show the world how fun Star Trek is. You never know, it may become cool! This summer, I’m pretty sure it will.

Cult Friction – Star Trek Special

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Hailing frequencies open captain,

Well set my phaser to stun! Yes it has been a long time coming and I guess now would be the perfect time for Cult Friction to do a STAR TREK Special.

Why wait till now I hear you ask? Well it just so happens that Cult Friction will be bringing you an EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW of the franchise reboot. In fact we’ll be posting the verdict of the movie on the blog on Tuesday night so check out

Also on the programme, coverage of the LONDON SCI FI FESTIVAL ( – CF caught up with some of the UK’s top sci fi writers and comic book artists including:

Bryan Talbot – creator of The Adventures of Luther Arkwright and its recent sequel Heart of Empire.

China Mieville – Award-winning English fantastic fiction writer.

Oisin McGann – Irish Writer and Illustrator.

Pat Cadigan – American-born science fiction author, whose work is described as part of the cyberpunk movement.

Paul J. McAuley – British award-winning author, and self-described science junkie.

SPECIAL FEATURE on STAR TREK – We discuss all matters Trek including why you shouldn’t wear a red shirt, daily Klingon language tips and of course the biggest debate of them all; Who is better? Kirk or Picard. We’ll settle it! (Unlikely as it may seem)

And of course NERD NEWS – We give you tips on how to deal with ZOMBIE PIGS once the Swine Flu mutates! Fingers crossed.

As always theres the all mighty blog ( and the twitter feed ( which now has over 200 followers and climbing by a rate of three or four a day.

Once again big thank you to all who voted for us. If you havn’t had a chance to listen in yet then tune in here @ to find out why we are nominated for Best Wired Show of 2008/09.

Ka Plah (Success)

The Cult Friction Team.

PS, Our George met George Lucas and saw the Star Wars Musical Journey but we are going to devote a whole show to that next week!