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Cult Friction – The World Will Take Heed! 5.3.09

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After I dispose of you I will target my laser on New York City unless I receive $1 Million in my Swiss Bank Account!

Ahem. Sorry that last message was for the UN.

We are having a radio programme this week that centres around the greatest villains of the silver and plasma screen. We’ll be having a run down of the top dastardly devils, psychotic professors and manic madmen and rating them according to success, hidden layer qualities and overall arch nemesis ability.

And per usual


ZOMBIE NAZI’S – Quite possibly the two most diabolical words in the English language combined together to create the ultimate evil! We take a look at up and coming jackboot and goosestep films IRON SKY and DEAD SNOW.

ANDREW LAWRENCE – up and coming comedy hero and ginger man who performed at the Amersham Comedy night on Monday 2nd March.

KINETICA ART FAIR 2009 – I’ll be taking a look at London’s latest offering of science and art with cool robotic dancers and the like.

All this and more woven together with some of the most choicest music and blabber!

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