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Rutger Hauer and Ridley Scott at Blade Runner Day. BFI 21.3.09

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Cult Friction headed down to the BFI for Blade Runner Day (21.3.09) for Q&A’s with actor Rutger Hauer and director Sir Ridley Scott.

Today we are closer to the year 2019, the time and setting of the seminal science fiction film Blade Runner, than we are to the time when it was made. Twenty seven years on and the film that was embroiled in production hell, constant rewrites and poor box office returns has endured and emerged as one of the high bench marks of modern sci fi cinema. So much so that members of the British Film Institute (BFI) chose the Philp K Dick adaptation as the number one film of the past seventy five years. Therefore it was felt appropriate to celebrate the movie at the BFI Southbank with a screening of “The Final Cut” of the film as well as a chance for die hard cinemaphiles to meet and hear actor Rutger Hauer (Roy Batty Nexus 6) and director Sir Ridley Scott (Alien, Gladiator, American Gangster) recall the key moments in the making of what some claim to be the last word in artistic science fiction.

The Final Cut (honestly!)
For nearly three decades Blade Runner has been somewhat schizophrenic. Starting with the films work print, theatrical release right through to first directors cut in 1992 and finally the final cut to mark the 25th anniversary there have been so many versions that fans are struggling to keep up. Even die hard movie buffs have taken the print into their own hands and compiled their own known as the White Bishops cut which consists of all the films deleted scenes.

This Final Cut which has been on DVD since 2007 has digitally cleaned up the picture, corrected the colouring and extended some of the films neon city scape with added footage as well as replacing an obviously dodgy stunt double with the original actress. Overall this constant tinkering and adding to the film over the years have added to the films mystery and intrigue (most importantly the often asked “is Dekard a replicant? Answer: for god sake YES!)

This final version feels more of a complete film that any of the previous cuts (and believe me I have the 5 disc box set in a tin). Watching this film on the silver screen is essential for die hard fans. Even after repeated viewings the extra details jump out at you highlighting every minute detail that makes this film so special.

Hairy Vibrators, a conversation with Rutger Hauer
Tall, distingusihed and very very relaxed, Rutger Hauer took to the stage to reminisce about his (arguably) most famous role ever. This is his 40th year in film and he now has a auto biography from which all the earnings will go to his supported AIDS charity the Starfish Foundation.

On Developing the Character of Roy and working with Ridley Scott

“We just fucked around. To me he was like a big hairy vibrator. My self and Ridley Scott worked very hard on the character and we threw around ideas here and there. He was very open to me experimenting with the character and allowing me to do what I wanted. I was literally bouncing off  the walls. It was physically demanding shoot for me though. Lots of running, especially towards the end. At one point because of the writers strike they didn’t have a proper ending written so I was told that I was going to have to do a Bruce Lee Sile ending and I was like “What?”. I didn’t really think that it was appropriate so we worked on a cat and mouse, hunter now hunted style chase instead.”

On working with Harrison Ford.

“We hardly saw each other. As you know I spend most of the movie being chased by him and its is only at the end that we meet. even at that I spent most of the time ducking away from him or in a different room so all in all a ten day shoot, i probably spent only half of that time actually with him. I had heard that he had been unhappy with some aspects of the shoot and we hardly ever spoke. I turned up at the set and said hello and we would carry on with the scene.

On the films initial reception in 1982.

I remember being there in the test audience in Los Angeles and I could tell that this film was going to divide the audience. I can sense the audience’s skin crawling at certain moments and it was electric. I loved it though, it looked and sounded amazing with those visual effects and that sublime score by Vangelis.It blew me away.  But it made $6 million on its opening weekend due to bad publiciy and did’nt fare too well nationwide. But I loved it.

On the continuing popularity of Blade Runner today.

“Did it change my life? No! (laughs) But I’m surprised how popular its has been over the years. Its such a cult now. I believe it was the last ever science fiction art film. Each line is like Turkish delight, you can dissect and analyse every meaning from the film. It’s like a visul tsunami.

Ridley Scott; In Conversation

Sir Ridley Scott, one of the worlds top film directors, honoured with three Academy Award Nominations and the mind behind two of the greatest science fiction films of all time Alien (1979) and Blade Runner (1982),sprawling epics such as Gladiator (2000) and Kingdom of Heaven (2005) and many many more. Receiving the BFI Fellowship from his contemporary Steven Frears (dir The Queen, High Fidelity) he spoke with Francine Stock about his carrer past, present and Future.

A graduate of the Royal College of Art, Scotts background was primarily in design. Starting at the BBC and working on some of the networks most popular shows he went into commercial production setting up RSA which became one of the leading commercial production companies in Europe. In 1977, Scott made his feature film debut with The Duellisits, for which he won Best First Film Award at Cannes Film Festival. Then in 1979 he achieved world wide success with Sci Fi horror blockbuster Alien.

On Alien

“I was showing the cuts to the studio and they were amazed that nothing happens for the first 45 minutes. Then obviously there’s the alien attack scene when it shoots out of the egg. One of the execs shouted “Don’t look in the egg!” (laughs). Then the chest burster scene, it worked like a son of a bitch. The cast were taken out and in came the designer of the chest burster, who wasnt HR Geiger by the way who worked on the main alien. This penis like thing came in a plastic bag and we set about having it installed into a fake torso with John Hurts head at the top. He was’nt very comfortable as you can imagine. Then we brought in the cast and they reacted perfectly. We did it in one take, that was it. That was all we needed to get the right reaction and as you can see it stands up. My biggest fear is that they would burst out laughing.”

On Science Fiction.

“I loved Star Wars and 2001. When Star Wars came out I just went “WOW.” And so the first script that landed in my lap that was sci fi I jumped at it. Most of the set that I was involved with in Alien, the design I wanted to make ultra realistic so that we could believe in this environment that our characters were in just like 2001, so I took that leaf from Kubrick. Then when I got the script for Blade Runner I wasn’t too keen on being seen as a Sci Fi director, I didn’t want to do two back to back. But I met with Philip K Dick and we came up with something fantastic. The reason why I haven’t done a Sci Fi picture in so long is because I like to try everything. At the moment I am currently working on the adaption of the novel Forever War by Joe Haldeman which I’ve just obtained the rights to so yes I will be returning to that genre.

On 3D cinema and new technology

“You need a good plot and narrative no matter what. I have seen some of the things that Cameron is doing with his new project Avatar and it is stunning so I do believe it is the future of the big screen entertainment however it is never a substitute for a good script.”

On the best directors/actors

“I watch everything. I watch a movie a night before I go to bed so I am influenced by everything I see. Big Lebowski was a big favourite of mine. They (the Coen Brothers) are doing a great job.But on the whole I respect the masters in particular Bergman, Kurosawa and Kubrick. In regards to actors I think Russel Crow is a massive talent. I enjoy working with him and I think he is one of the greatest actors at the moment. Denzel Washington’s great too. I think actors are a nuisance though! (Laughs)”

On his upcoming work

“Well we are working on the new Robin Hood film with Russel Crowe in the title roll and Cate Blanchett supporting as  Maid Marrion. I am also looking at a script that deals with the Gucci empire. That was a fantastic story of revenge and money and a great setting.”

Cult Friction

March 2009

Ruari and Mark go to the (toy) fair!

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Hail all you nerds, geeks, dweebs, poindexters, and all other assorted types of this great underground culture we have going right here. As far as greetings go I think that was fairly comprehensive and long winded, for those who don’t know who I am i thought I’d hijack the first bit of this post for a brief introduction. My name is Ruari (Rory) and I’m Marks pundit/co-host/sexpig on the Cult Friction show, and now apparently co-blogger for it and all (if you are a regular listener, I’m the funny one).

*an aside I was going to make some sort of “yeah, funny looking” joke there, but this is radio so I don’t think it works.


This weekend saw the 59th London Toy Fair, strictly for toy industry types and authenticated press types, so naturally your two cocky sonsofbitches radio reporters were there to lie steal and cheat our way in.

Which we did.

Well OK they were kinda lax, and we sorta just looked like poor, sodden newsroom interns (I even had a hat) but we got our flashy press badges and sauntered on in, here’s some of my favourite bits…

Lego Stand

HOLY CRAP I LOVE LEGO!!! This stuff was quite literally the building blocks of most of my life (predictable joke) and to be honest i never really stopped playing with having merged all my friends collections together about 2 years ago in order to build a GIANT tower. Now obviously the highlight of the Lego stand was the giant Lego dudes.

Definition of futility, trying to interview plastic bricks, Mark, you have failed me for the last time!

As suspected the star wars franchise was there in force (predictable joke), and most of the attention was to the prequels (barf) however there was a showing from some more classical types…

Can you tell which Dr Jones is made of Lego? 


Ahh Indy my good chum, how nice, you realise we are hat buddies right? Unlike the star wars aspects most of the Indiana Jones was from the pre shark-jumping, fridge-nuking, Jar-Jar era and I was sorely tempter to nick the little short-round figure who as well as being ever so slightly racist was also VERY small, wish they had a melting Nazi face figure…

I suppose Lego is just made of plastic…

Wow, theres like a hundred of these.
I really really hope rule 34 doesn’t apply here

Nerdy Collectors Stuff

No toy fair would be complete (like I’ve been to loads) without a keep-it-in-the-box collector item stall and this one was no disappointment

It might look cute, but Mark actually has an STD,
that’s a really hairy growth.

Tribbles, wow, I never, ever thought I’d see these as a toy. Mainly because they can be faithfully recreated by a furry pillow or practically any small dead animal. Though these ones did have the distinction of making two sets of noises the normal purr and a high pitched scream that indicated an nearby Klingon (who have apparently used specially trained warrior squads to eradicate the great cuddly menace!). But to be honest even the Tribbles couldn’t hold a candle to the…

Side Note: it never gets old calling Mark “Marky McFly

Wow a flux capacitor, that’s sweet. Admittedly it didn’t do much bar light up and occasionally enable us to transverse time and space, but still. I’d love to have one of them in my cupboard to confuse the meter-readers.

They also had a life sized star trek captains chair advertised, but I didn’t get a picture of that so I’m not telling you about it. Myeh.

The Shootpad

Ok this thing was totally really good (I’m sick of typing sweet, seriously must have used that word like 30 times and this was the best my thesaurus had except for sugary or candy, now i feel hungry).

Basically its a dance mat for football games depending where and how hard (it has Wii-style sensors to track how far back and fast your foot is) you kick the ball, you pass, shoot, tackle, hack, dive, argue with referee, swear at crowd, snort coke and start a riot.

Ok I might of added my own there but still I had a brief go on this thing and despite not being able to move (ironically the actual D-pad was borked) I loved it. the feeling of being able to control your power with actually kicks is immensely satisfying and pretty much eliminates hilariously short long passes. It also has some of the pseudo-fitness aspect that allows Nintendo’s little white box to appeal to that all important non-gamer demographic. Having just sounded like a PR rep I’ll just let you have a gander for yourself.

Ok so it has a few niggles, the two swaggeringly annoying jockesque personifications of dickweedery in the advert aside. The previously mentioned lack of being able to move, sort of turned the game into a weirdly stereotyped idea of the American perception of “soccer” and when we got there it looked as if someone had given on of the pads one too many match-winning strikes and broke the ball. But overall the sheer “I’m a total football legend” feeling it gives you added with its ability to work with any footie game out there makes it a great addition to your console.

So there we are, my top three rides at there fair, we’ll be discussing all of these and many more on Thursday at 6, tune into to our sultry tones at

French 24, 8 Mile and Die Hard

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The new advert campaign by Stella Artois takes some of America best known films and adds some splash of New Wave and French cool to the mix. Normally we wouldn’t comment on commercials but these are so darn funny. This ones for those who loved Italian Spiderman, Mexican Batwoman and the likes.

For more check out

Cult Friction – The Robot Special 26.03.09

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LIVE AT 26.03.09 6PM GMT!

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships of the shoulder of Orion ..blah blah blah…time to die.

Well what a term this has been! Cult Friction has journeyed beyond the final frontier to bring you the best in geeky entertainment and technology news but sadly we wont be back for a few weeks.

But before we head off for the chocolate eating festivities we are bringing you one more show packed with some exclusive reviews, previews and features you wont find this side of the galaxy!

This week – The Robot Special!

From Bobby to Batty to Data to D.A.Y.R.L we take a look at Science Fictions greatest atomatons/androids/replicants etc.

Cult Friction popped along to the Blade Runner Day at the BFI and has some exclusives from the number one Nexus 6 himself RUTGER HAUER as well as director extradinare Sir RIDLEY SCOTT! (Alien, Blade Runner, Gladiator)

NERD NEWS – Usual tech talk.

FROM GAME BOY TO COLOSUSS, The Story of the Obsolete – A feature by Mark Lockett (Trust the Buzz) exploring BitPop artist Pixelh8, a man that cannibalises Gameboys, ZX Spectrums and Commodore 64s to make music.

TOP BOTS – We discuss Sci Fi’s finest fabricated men! So get your fingers typing and tell us who should be king of the cyborgs!

REVIEW – Escape from City 17 (2009) Dir The Purchase Brothers. The latest internet movie sensation. This amazing tribute to Half Life that has acquired over 2 Million Hits on You Tube and made on a budget of only $500!

PREVIEW = Inglorious Basterds (2009) Dir Quentin Tarantino. The long awaited, oft talked about 7th feature from the Pulp Fiction master of homage starring Brad Pitt. We bring you the latest internet chatter.

And some random music to paper the cracks.

BONUS FEATURES – CULT FRICTION will be performing a LIVE DJ AND VJ Set at the WIRED RADIO END OF TERM SPECIAL along with some fresh MC’s and bands from 9pm LIVE at the Goldsmiths Student Union. For more information check out the event details here..

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And remember We’ll be Back!

The Cult Friction Team
(I need a vacation)

Cult Friction at the Royal Television Society Programme Awards

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Cult Friction popped along to the Royal Television Society Awards at the Grovsner House Hotel in London for some inside scoop from some top celebs!

Rory Bremnar, Charlie Brooker, Graham Linehan, Gok Wan, Robert Webb and Bruce Forsyth all talk to Cult Friction.

Here are the award winners in full.

Scripted Comedy
Outnumbered Hat Trick Productions for BBC One
Lead Balloon Open Mike for BBC Two
Peep Show Objective Production for Channel 4

Entertainment Award

Harry Hill’s TV Burp Avalon Television Ltd for ITV1Entertainment


Strictly Come Dancing BBC Productions for BBC One
The X Factor talkbackTHAMES and Syco TV for ITV1

Writer -Comedy

Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong – Peep Show Objective Production for Channel 4Writer – Comedy
Sharon Horgan and Dennis Kelly – Pulling Silver River for BBC Three
Graham Linehan – The I.T. Crowd talkbackTHAMES Production for Channel 4

Arts award

Arena:The Agony and The Ecstasy of Phil Spector, BBC Productions/Vixpix for BBC Two
The Mona Lisa Curse Oxford Film & Television Production for Channel 4
True Stories – Derek Normal Films for More4

Documentary award

The Fallen Minnow Films for BBC TwoDocumentary
Cutting Edge: A Boy Called Alex Walker George Film for Channel 4
True Stories – Chosen True Vision Production for More4

History award

Victorian Sex Explorer Blast! Film for Channel 4History
The American Future: A History, by Simon Schama Oxford Film and TV for BBC Two
Black Power Salute Tigerlily Films for BBC Four

Constructed Factual Series

The Choir – Boys Don’t Sing Twenty Twenty Television for BBC TwoConstructed Factual Series
Banged Up Shine North for Five
Britain’s Missing Top Model Love Productions for BBC Three

Science and Natural History award

Lost Land of the Jaguar BBC Productions, Bristol for BBC OneScience and Natural History
The Genius of Charles Darwin IWC Media Production for Channel 4
Life in Cold Blood BBC Productions, Bristol for BBC One

Features and Lifestyle Series award

How to Look Good Naked, Maverick Productions for Channel 4Features and Lifestyle Series
Kevin McCloud and The Big Town Plan talkbackTHAMES for Channel 4
Mary Queen of Shops Optomen TV for BBC Two

Daytime and Early-Peak Programme award

The Estate We’re In TwoFour Productions for BBC OneDaytime and Early-Peak Programme
Masterchef: The Professionals Shine TV for BBC One
Missing Live Leopard Films for BBC One

Children’s Drama award

MI High Kudos Film & TV for CBBCChildren’s Drama
Sarah Jane Adventures BBC Productions for BBC One
Summerhill Tiger Aspect for CBBC

Children’s Programme award

ABC ‘H’ Boomerang for S4C
Get Squiggling Dot to Dot Productions for BBC Two
Lifeproof Lambent Production for Channel 4

Nations and Regions Programme winners for

A Poem for Harry by BBC WestNations and Regions Programme

Carefree University of Salford for Channel M
High Times stv Productions

Best Presenter award
Bruce Parry – Amazon with Bruce Parry Indus Films/Endeavour Productions for BBC Two
Mary Portas – Mary Queen of Shops Optomen TV for BBC Two
Phillip Schofield and Fern Britton – This Morning ITV Studios for ITV1

Digital Channel Programme Award

Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe Zeppotron Productions for BBC Four
Katy Brand’s Big Ass Show World’s End Television for ITV2
Stanley Kubrick’s Boxes World of Wonder Production for More4

Soap and Continuing Drama award

EastEnders BBC Productions for BBC One
The Bill talkbackTHAMES for ITV1
Coronation Street ITV Studios for ITV1

Drama Series award

The Fixer Kudos Film and TV for ITV1
City of Vice Hardy and Sons/Touchpaper TV Production for Channel 4
Con Passionate Teledu Apollo for S4C

Drama Serial award
The Devil’s Whore Company Pictures/Power for Channel 4
Criminal Justice BBC Productions for BBC One
Place of Execution Coastal Productions for ITV1

Single Drama award
The Curse of Steptoe BBC Productions for BBC Four
Margaret Thatcher – The Long Walk To Finchley Great Meadow Productions for BBC Four
The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall talkbackTHAMES Production for Channel 4

Actor Male
Ben Whishaw – Criminal Justice BBC Productions for BBC One
Matthew Macfadyen – Little Dorrit BBC Productions/WGBH Boston for BBC One
Rafe Spall – He Kills Coppers Ecosse Films for ITV1

Best Actor (Female)
Andrea Riseborough – The Devil’s Whore Company Pictures/Power
for Channel 4
Claire Foy – Little Dorrit BBC Productions / WGBH Boston for BBC One
Anna Maxwell-Martin – Poppy Shakespeare Cowboy Films for Channel 4

Writer – Drama award
Peter Flannery – The Devil’s Whore Company Pictures/Power for Channel 4
Simon Block – The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall talkbackTHAMES Production for Channel 4
Peter Moffat – Criminal Justice BBC Productions for BBC One

International Award
Mad Men AMC for BBC Four
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart MTV Networks USA for More4
Summer Heights High Princess Productions for BBC Three

Comedy Performance award

Peter Kay- Britain’s Got The Pop Factor (And Possibly The Next Jesus Christ Soapstar Strictly On Ice) Phil McIntyre/Goodnight Vienna Production for Channel 4
Simon Bird – The Inbetweeners Bwark Production for E4
James Corden – Gavin and Stacey Baby Cow for BBC Three and BBC One

Entertainment Performance
Alan Carr and Justin Lee Collins – Sunday Night Project Princess Production for Channel 4
Harry Hill – Harry Hill’s TV Burp Avalon Television Ltd for ITV1
Paul O’Grady – The Paul O’Grady Show Olga TV for Channel 4

Judges’ Award
Richard Holloway

Lifetime Achievement Award
Bruce Forsyth

Cult Friction – Royal Television Society Programme Awards 19.03.09

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Do not adjust your picture!!!!

Well, Cult Friction is at it again.

This time its all about the medium that sits in your living room and sucks out your brains with pretty images. That’s right we’re bring you more EXCLUSIVE content from the red carpet of the ROYAL TELEVISION SOCIETY Programme Awards hosted by comedy legend Rory Bremnar!

So tune in this week for more interviews and belly laughs with celebs and the like. Nominees include Charlie Brooker, Justin Lee Colins, Alan Carr, James Corden, Phillip Schofield, Graham Linehan, Harry Hill, Paul O’Grady, Peter Kay and many many more!

And what edition of Cult Friction would be complete without


UPCOMING FILM REVIEWS – Religulous (2009) the comedy/documentary film written by and starring political comedian Bill Maher and directed by Larry Charles. According to Maher, the title of the film is a portmanteau derived from the words “religion” and “ridiculous”; the documentary examines and satirizes organized religion and religious belief. Film opens in the UK on the 3rd of April.

And much much more discussion and banter with the CULT FRICTION TEAM!

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Where we go from here is a choice I leave up to you!

Cult Friction at the BAFTA Video Game Awards 2009

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A  feature I put together of the BAFTA Video Game Awards 2009 for the show. Got talking to Dara O’Briain, Charlie Brooker, Nolan Bushnell, Konnie Huq and Jonathan Ross.

Overall Winners
Gameplay: Call of Duty 4
Casual: Boom Blox
Sports: Race Driver: Grid
Story and Character: Call of Duty 4
Strategy: Civilisation Revolution
Best use of Audio: Dead Space
New Talent: Boro Toro
Multiplayer: Left 4 Dead
Best Technical Achievement: Spore
Original Score: Dead Space
Handheld: Professor Layton and the Curious Village
People’s Choice: Call of Duty 4
Artistic Achievement: LittleBigPlanet
Best Action and Adventure: Fable II
Best Game: Super Mario Galaxy

For more information on the BAFTA Video Game Awards check out

All chills, No Bite – Lesbian Vampire Killers (2009)

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Lesbian Vampire Killers is the new Brit Comedy/Horror flick and first feature outing for comedy duo James Corden and Matthew Horne stars of Gavin and Stacy.

Plot Summary: Fletch (Corden) and Jimmy (Horne) are two blokes looking for an escape from their urban surroundings. Taking off to an unfeasbly large woodland area (supposedly in Wales) they unfortunatly stumble upon a hoard of lesbian vampires. Their only hope lies with a manic priest (Paul McGann) and the revelation of an ancient propecy that Jimmy might be the chosen vampire slayer.

Lesbian Vampire Killers is the 21st century homage to the Hammer horror film. Unofrtunaly this comedy doesn’t quite cut corpses along with the likes of The Evil Dead Trilogy and Bad Taste.

LVK is a fallen into the rut of the already exhausted genre of the Britcom/Horror film that arguably began and frankly ended with Sean of the Dead. Unlike similar films produced by our esteemed American counterparts this film tries to take on each fantastical situation with a whim of fool hardy English one liners which frankly become tiresome towards the end of the film. Corden is ultimately the most watchable person but even his one off quips and gratuitous swearing  become predicable and a bit boring. Hornes character just seems to react bug eyed to every event that takes place around him and comes across as dull as opposed to his comedic partner. Paul McGann on the other hand does credit to his craft in the role of the Shakespearean exorcist however its a shame that his talents are to be seen wasted in such a project.

Our titular stars won’t fail to disappoint the “red blooded” male audience that this film is being unabashedly marketed at with plenty of attractive semi naked women making out in lengthy shots that after a while become a bit much to look at after the sixth of seventh time. And given the entire premise of the film it does very little for the womens lib movement with our typical blonde heroine (MyAnna Buring) ,fulfilling her role as eye candy for our protagonists, doing very little apart from the odd outburst of heroism here and there.

Visually the film doesn’t dissapoint. The special effects are far from the shoe string budgeted premise and various head splitting and limb slicing moments are sure to delight any gorno/splatter fan alike. It is however the overuse of FX that detaches the silly story from the desired impression that the box office punters were expecting. Perhaps a low budget look might have hieghend the campness and made the film better but in overall it probably would have added a mere half a star to this already starless review.

Overall LSK aint trying to be Dr Zhivago but it won’t rank alongside some of the great so bad they’re good classics which is something this film is trying really hard to be. We are sure to join Corden and Horne, already beeing touted as the new Morcambe and Wise, in more on screen high jinx in the future however it remains to be seen if they can transfer the comdey success they have enjoyed from the plasma to silver screen.

Lesbian Vampire Killers opens nationwide on the 20th of March 2009.

Cult Friction – BAFTA Video Game Awards 2009 12.03.09

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Welcome sojourner of the internet airwaves to this weeks edition of Cult Friction, broadcasting to your computer terminal this Thursday the 12th March 2009.

Cult Friction is proud to bring you EXCLUSIVE coverage of the annual BAFTA Video Game Awards 2009 from the London Hilton. We will be brining you interviews and news of all the industries finest developers, movers and shakers at the gaming industry’s most prestigious awards ceremony. And perhaps there will be a celeb or two on the way.

You can follow the LIVE FEED of the awards ceremony (10.03.09 8.30pm GMT) on Cult Friction’s Twitter page at

For all you game lovers this is an event not to be missed and as usual Cult Friction will have it’s regular features, reviews and discussions.

NERD NEWS = A look at our weird and wonderful world

REVIEWS = The latest bloodsucking Birt-Com, LESBIAN VAMPIRE KILLERS stars James Corden and Mathew Horne. UK Release Date 20 March 2009. All this and more of our manic discussions on things that we find amusing and shiney.

You can listen to us LIVE on at 6pm GMT 12.03.09.

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See you there To infinity and beyond.

Mark and the Cult Friction Team.

Cult Friction – The World Will Take Heed! 5.3.09

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After I dispose of you I will target my laser on New York City unless I receive $1 Million in my Swiss Bank Account!

Ahem. Sorry that last message was for the UN.

We are having a radio programme this week that centres around the greatest villains of the silver and plasma screen. We’ll be having a run down of the top dastardly devils, psychotic professors and manic madmen and rating them according to success, hidden layer qualities and overall arch nemesis ability.

And per usual


ZOMBIE NAZI’S – Quite possibly the two most diabolical words in the English language combined together to create the ultimate evil! We take a look at up and coming jackboot and goosestep films IRON SKY and DEAD SNOW.

ANDREW LAWRENCE – up and coming comedy hero and ginger man who performed at the Amersham Comedy night on Monday 2nd March.

KINETICA ART FAIR 2009 – I’ll be taking a look at London’s latest offering of science and art with cool robotic dancers and the like.

All this and more woven together with some of the most choicest music and blabber!

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