9.8.13 Cult Friction Podcast

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9.8.13 Cult Friction Podcast

On this weeks Cult Friction; We’ll be talking about the exciting news of the 12th Doctor Who Peter Capaldi, we’ll be taking a look at technology meeting fashion with the Google Glass and the iWatch, we’ll be reviewing the news from The Expendables 3 and Kick Ass 2 as well as rating our top action movie actors who can act!

2.8.13 Cult Friction Podcast

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On this weeks show; a Steve Jobs Biopic, New Villain on Sherlock, a massive EVE space battle MMORPG, our favourite shows to Netflix or binge watch and we’ll be taking a look at some of the best online browser games on the web today.

This Weeks Podcast 26.7.13

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On this episode of Cult Friction; We’ll be assessing the fallout from San Diego Comic Con 2013, looking at the new Superman v Batman crossover, the new Godzilla, new Avengers film as well as Family Guy/Simpsons team up, Danger 5 from Australia and a look into the world of tomorrow through the eyes of Sci Fi!

On this weeks Cult Friction – 7.12.09

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This week on Cult Friction!

2009. What a year its been folks! From gate crashing some major celebrity dos to winning/nominated for awards, from breaking records to meeting the weirdest people on the planet, it has been quite an eventful 12 months for all of us here at the CF team.

So in the time honoured fashion of the show we’ll be taking a retrospective of the goings on of MMIX with our run down of all things cool about 2009 as well as looking at some of the things we hope to happen over the next decade (i.e. flying cars/hoverboards/manned landing on Mars etc)

Also we will be having special guests from the UKULELE SOCIETY OF GOLDSMITHS COLLEGE stopping by for a chat and giving us the occasional musical interlude with their small instruments of musical joy!

We’ll also be giving you our TOP 10 Films and Games of the Year! More bickering and debate to flow like the alcohol through our nerdy veins.

And what programme would be complete without Nerd News, unspun, under researched nonsense from the internet and beyond!

So thats this Monday at 3pm on WiredRadio.co.uk; that’s a streaming webcast for you guys out of the loop.

So all that remains for myself and the gang to wish you happy holidays and bright and prosperous New Year!

From Mark, George, Tom, Hayleigh, Paul and Ruari (who is stuck up north but is a member for life!)

The Cult Friction Crew
December 2009

Cult Friction – Macs V PC’s Debate 30.11.09

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This week on Cult Friction!

We are having the ultimate computer debate. We’ve talked about it for quite some time but now its time for settlement. The big question which has plagued nerd kind for the last few years now. Which is better? Macs or PCs?

Is it style over substance for you mac lovers? Or is it reliability and venerability of the PC that does it for you? We’ll be weighing the pros and cons of both so you know what to put on your Christmas list this year! Send us your comments on this most volatile of topics.

And as we come to the end of the decade we take a look at the top films from the years 2000 to 2009. Time to cast your mind back as we go through the decade that saw us voyaging with the fellowship, prequelling with the Jedis and smashing zombies with Shawn.

And as always we’ll be dissecting geeky world events in our Nerd News Round Up!

Remember we want to know what you think about the show so write on the facebook wall, tweet or email your thoughts and suggestions all via our pretty blog @ https://cultfriction.wordpress.com

That’s this Monday 3pm ONLY on htp://wiredradio.co.uk

To infinity,

Mark, George, Hayleigh, Tom and Paul
The Cult Friction Team

Stephen Poliakoff on Glorious 39 (2009)

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Glorious 39 marks Stephen Poliakoff’s return to the silver screen after a ten year absence. Having had a lucrative career in both stage and television his reasons for staying away from film weren’t entirely by choice mostly due to the state of cinema in the UK. “I didn’t mean to stay away from the cinema as long as I had due to commitments in television both here and in the United States. One thing is that I’ve been disappointed over the distribution of films in the UK in the last couple of years. It was awful in the 90’s. Stuff made by Ken Loach and Mike Leigh just had a few prints and then faded away. Only few people would see the films on screen until they were shown on television and even then they were screened at two o clock in the morning so nobody would really see them. In the 90’s I made a film called Close my eyes with Clive Owen which was a great hit critically by winning awards but it didn’t break out of the art house circuit so I felt that the Americans deal with it a lot better. But now in the past few years it’s got a lot better, there are more British distributors for British films.  I’ve been waiting a while to come back to the silver screen until i found a story i really wanted to tell.”

Poliakoff is one of a select brand of writers who have elevated television dramas to an art form. After finishing university he was the writer in residence at the National Theatre and from there he has written over twenty stage plays and over a dozen television dramas. After winning a plethora of awards and recognitions he has returned to the cinema with a story that touches one of Britain’s darkest hours in history. Glorious 39 is set in the heady summer before the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany. Although his research into the period was entrily accurate having poured over the dairies of noted politicians and establishment figures of the era he stresses that the plot of the film is entirely fictional.   “Yes indeed the secret service were very active against people who were opposing the policy of appeasement, they had a ferocious campaign of dirty tricks played against them and they were all spied upon, homes were watched, phones were tapped, private lives were monitored for blackmail purposes so for those dramatic purposes I’ve heightened it. It is a fictional thriller but it is based on events and situations that were going on. For a wider truth it does highlight how close we (the British) were to doing a deal with Hitler, in a sense letting the Nazis have total control over Europe leaving the UK a puppet state of the Nazi Germany. I thought it was a really good way of telling this suspense story because if things had played out differently, I, as a Jew, and many others wouldn’t be here today.”

Set against this backdrop of political intrigue, Poliakof has created a heart stopping thriller which centres on one wealthy family, the Keyes – who fear that their way of life will be lost forever if war breaks out. The adopted, eldest sibling Anne (Gari) is a budding young film actress who stumbles into the dark world of political conspiracy where she cannot trust anyone, especially her own family. Along with her Poliakoff has employed a stellar cast of British screen heavyweights to tell the story. “It was extraordinary, wonderful to have such a cast in the film, a mixture of legends such as Christopher Lee, Jenny Agutter, Julie Chirstie as well as up and coming bright actors and actresses. The burst of young talent such as Romala Gari, David Tennant and Juno Temple is very exciting to work with given that they will be the future stars of British Cinema.”

Poliakoff is not a man to work with other peoples material. Having come from a theatre background, he finds more control when it comes to working with his own writing. “I’m sure one day I will shoot someone else’s script, my wife is a very successful writer, she dramatised the screen version of Emma and Jayne Ayer so there’s a possibility that we will work together. I do have a lot of ideas of my own and I prefer to work with my own scripts. If im offered an incredible project then I will take it but I have to say having been offered a lot of work nothing has really grabbed me enough for me to give up my own work.

Poliakoff offers us some firm advice for any aspiring writers out there who want to break into the world of writing.

“I think always try to be individual, try not to copy whats out there becasue the last thing people are looking for are pale immatations of whats there now. But what they are looking for is someone who has a zing of freshness about them so its always good to be original. That is the quickest way of being successful.”

Glorious 39 is released in cinemas nationwide on the 20th of November 2009.

Cult Friction meets James Duval Aka Frank The Bunny from Donnie Darko

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Award Nominated interview with James Duval.

James Duval is an American actor, probably most famous for his roles in the Gregg Araki trilogy, Totally Fucked Up, The Doom Generation, and Nowhere, in addition to Frank in Donnie Darko, Miguel in Independence Day and Singh in Go. He also plays guitar in his band, Antoneus Maximus & The Nuthouze Band. I met and interviewed James at the MCM Expo at the Excell Centre in London where he was signing autographs and talking about his cult movie experience. This feature was broadcast on the Cult Friction programme on the 24th of May 2009

Cult Friction – We Came, We Saw, We kicked its ass! 23.11.09 3pm

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This Week on Cult Friction

We take a look back at out Award Nominated interview with Frank the Bunny from Donnie Darko (James Duval) in the run up to the Student Radio Awards

Nerd News in Klingon!!! (Well we’ll try it out. Grab your phrase books and try and catch up)

Preview/Review – We take a look at the top new films coming your way in 2010!

Top 10 Worst Squeals of all time – Anything with 2 or The Return of..and the likes. We dig up the worst from the bargain bin and judge the badest of the bad!!

Remember 3pm on http://www.wiredradio.co.uk !!!


Mark, Tom, George, Hayleigh and Paul

The Cult Friction Team

Oh We love this song by Ricardo Autobahn so much we might make it the new jingle!!!

2012 (2009)

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2012 (2009) Dir: Roland Emmerich Starring John Cusack, Chiwetel Ejiofar, Amanda Peet, Danny Glover and Woody Harrelson. Released nationwide in cinemas November 13th 2009

Maybe we should cancel the 2012 Olympics!?!

That’s if director Roland Emmerich’s diabolical predictions come to fruition in his latest end of days blockbuster 2012 are to be believed! However unlike most Hollywood disaster epics this film has a long way to go insofar as convincing the world that this will actually happen. If you are a stickler for scientific accuracy in your films 2012 will not make for very comfortable viewing. Take past disaster films from the past say Armageddon or Deep Impact for instance. Giant asteroid/comet is heading for planet and threatens to wipe out life as we know it. Simple! Or Titanic. Large ocean liner hits iceberg and sinks. Easy! In 2012 it’s neutrino emissions from the sun heating up the inside of the earth like an egg in a microwave causing gaping fissures in the planet’s crust swallowing everything and causing massive tidal waves, earthquakes and a shift in the polar magnetic fields. Confused? Don’t panic. There is a simple flash animation during the movie that fills you in on all the jargon.

Rest assured, once you get over rubbing your head in your hands over the sheer ridiculousness of the plot  you are in for a visual smorgasbord of special effects that will blow you away. Given Roland Emmerich’s track record with films such as Independence Day, Godzilla and The Day After Tomorrow, this is a director who really knows how to destroy the world. One can compare him to a child with a lego set building vast cities and monuments only to destroy them with his fists. What sets the SFX apart from previous endeavours is the sheer scale and detail (which in part was helped by the pushing back of the films release date from the summer to the winter). One scene in particular has our protagonists flying through the toppling skyscrapers of Los Angeles only for them to look in slow mo horror at the masses of office workers clinging on to their desks as they fall from the building. And the wow factor does not stop there. With volcanic eruptions, showering fireballs, floods and earthquakes 2012 takes on each mode of destruction to another level. This movies effects team will certainly be looking at an Academy Award Nomination for their stunning efforts but it seems likely that Jim Cameron’s upcoming Avatar will be the bookies favourite given the hype behind the new 3D and camera technology behind the scenes.

So where do all these apocalyptic visions come from? Should we be making plans to build underground bunkers and life rafts in order to survive? According to some doomsday prophets the answer is yes and that the end has been written in the stone tablets of history since the dawn of time. According to the ancient Mayan calendar, which was renowned for its astrological accuracy, 2012 is when time will literally run out This rather chilling prospect has been taken apart by numerologists, astrologists and physicists over the years. One such scholar, John Major Jenkins, has been described by the New York Times as “applying academic rigour” to such theories and has proved that the calendar has indeed predicted astrological alignments that “metaphorically” symbolise a great change for the earth. The internet is also awash with conspiracy theories and predictions on the specific date the world is apparently going to end (21/12/2012 to be precise) so do be prepared to wade through a load of claptrap amid your Armageddon preparations.  Please bear in mind the Y2K events of 2000 and how that turned out least you want to lose any sleep at night.

Oh yes! This film has a plot as well!  Central to the human element of the story that experiences the end of the world is Jackson Curtis (John Cusack), a writer whose devotion to his failed but possibly brilliant novel broke up his marriage and left his family in flux. But Jackson remains a loyal dad and he will prove anything to save his family. As LA has as new backside torn into it Jackson and his family will begin a desperate journey over land, sea and air in order to survive.

Meanwhile the world’s leaders (all reduced to Hollywood clichés) argue and debate over the fate of the planet. President Wilson (Danny Glover) knows that he will not be able to save everyone and along with his science advisors come up with a plan to save a few. The plan is to build a dozen ‘arks,’ giant super ships, built by the Chinese and financed by the G8 countries that will be mankind’s only way to survive the world wide floods. The only person outside the government who realises what is going on is crackpot Charlie Frost (Woody Harrelson) who brings comic relief to the film by making his zany predictions via a radio transmitter in his motor home.

Hollywood has done pretty much all it can to destroy life as we know it and frankly it’s running out of ideas. 2012 is a pretty standard fare when it comes to disaster movies with it’s ridiculous over the top god bless America approach to everything. But silly as it may seem on the surface you will have fun watching this movie on the big screen. The science behind it may not hold much water but who really cares when it come to watching entire cities fall into the sea. It’s a fantastic salute to what special effects can achieve in this day in age as well as being a welcome original screenplay amidst the plethora of sequels, remakes and adaptations. Buy the ticket and take the ride. Oh and don’t forget to take swimming lessons in the next three years if you need them. You’ll thank me when the time comes!

Cult Friction Damage Control 09.11.09

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Join us online at http://wiredradio.co.uk at 3pm GMT for ….

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW of 2012, latest epic disaster movie from the mad man behind Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow starring John Cussack and Danny Glover.

TV Round Up! Whats ticking on the Box. We bring you the low down on the best the plasma screen has to offer from both sides of the Atlantic.

Part 2 of the Ukulele Feature featuring the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain and Phil Jupitus.

Top 10 Disaster Movies of all time! From the Towering Inferno to Titanic, from Armageddon to Deep Impact we just can’t get enough of disaster flicks!

And of course your weekly round of all things geek related in Nerd News.

Send us in your suggestions, comments and internet tidbits to cultfriction@googlemail.com, follow us on twitter @ cultfiction and of course follow our rather splendid blog @ https://cultfriction.wordpress.com.

You were warned!!!

Mark, Tom, George, Paul and Hayleigh
The Cult Friction Gang